Elizabeth started creating and teaching ceramics in 1967 as LL Ceramics and began making porcelain dolls in 1976. She opened a storefront called Dolls & Etc in Delavan WI in 1980 and then opened in Mukwonago WI in 1992. Elizabeth added a full online store in 2005.

Elizabeth is certified in doll making and owner of Dolls&Etc.  She provides the highest quality service in doll making and porcelain gifts. You will find everything from molds, porcelain
slip, china paints, tools and greenware that includes over 4000 plus molds for dolls and gifts. She carries a large assortment of doll accessories including wigs, shoes, hosiery, clothing, bodies and patterns. She is currently only open by appointment. Call 262-363-4302 for appointment

Classes in Porcelain Dollmaking, Gifts & Repair

Regular Weekly Class Hours

·         Wednesday  9:30am-12.00pm Afternoon 12:30pm - 3:00pm

·         Saturday   9:30am-12.00pm Afternoon 12:30pm - 3:00pm   

Lace Drape Classes: call 262-363-4302 or email admin@dollsetc.net



since 1967​