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Doll Name: All Bisque Bye-Lo Baby Doll Grace Putnam Germany
Head: 3"
Mouth: Closed
Ears Pierced: NO
Eye Size:Glass Sleep Eyes 4mm, or Painted
Head Circ.: 4
Doll Height: Reproduction, Size: 5" (
Pate Size:
Doll Markings: Grace Putnam Germany
Maker: Kestner
Body Type: Porcelain
Wig Size: 4
Antique All Bisque Bye-Lo Baby Doll Glass Sleep Eyes Grace Putnam
Germany, Antique all bisque Bye-Lo baby doll with brown glass sleep
eyes, a Grace Storey Putnam design, made in Germany, circa 1920's.
The head is marked 16/16 and the back torso with "Copr//Grace S
Sweet little face has brown glass sleep eyes, upper and lower painted
eyelashes, tiny little closed mouth, and rosy cheeks. He has a brown
mohair wig. This all bisque doll with jointed arms and legs, costumed in
a sweet old dress, is ready for its forever home. Circa 1920's.