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Forget-Me-Not Set


Forget-Me-Not Set
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Forget-Me-Not All-bisque, head-torso doll, jointed at shoulders and hips. Painted eyes, molded shoes and socks. Her hands and wrists are unique: right is cupped, left is open. Marked: Made in Germany. Article and instructions for dress shown in photo: Doll Artisan Vol. 18, No. 5. Doll size: 5.5" (14cm), head circ.: 4.25" (11cm). WSABD10 Forget-me-not worksheet. Patterns: CP908 Smocked dress, drawers CP919 Dress, bloomers (shown on Nancy) CP933 Coat-dress, underwear Ethel Rosebud A bud of a doll! This tiny all-bisque doll will be the perfect accessory for your large dolls!