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 All Bisque Dolls 1878 +

Wikipedia      A bisque doll or porcelain doll is a doll made partially or wholly out of bisque or biscuit porcelain. Bisque dolls are characterized by their realistic, skin-like matte finish. They had their peak of popularity between 1860 and 1900 with French and German dolls. Bisque dolls are collectible, and antique dolls can be worth thousands of dollars. Antique German and French bisque dolls from the 19th century were often made as children's playthings, but contemporary bisque dolls are predominantly m  directly for the collectors market.                                                                                                           

French Wrestler (Buttercup)

Pampas Flower

Soft fired Greenware

Bisque Price

Painted Price

Doll Height

8.25" (21cm)

7 1/2" (19 cm.) Bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque torso,small brown glass sleep eyes,painted lashes,feathered brows,accented nostrils and eye corners,closed mouth with center accent line,blonde mohair wig over plaster pate,shapely torso,peg-jointed bisque arms and legs,painted white stockings with purple rims,grey painted ankle boots with black tassels. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 2 1/2 (head and torso). Comments: Kestner,circa Antique Simular, 1885. Value Points: rarity factors on the dear miniature include closed mouth,sleep eyes,swivel head,beautifully detailed body,grey shoes.

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