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Edelweiss and her little sister, Edelbud, are attributed to the Gebruder
Heubach company. Edelweiss, a mischievous little all-bisque doll, has a
one-piece head-torso with jointed arms and legs. She has side-glancing
intaglio eyes, and a slightly upturned, smiling mouth. Edelbud, the tiny,
one-piece all-bisque doll in the photo. References: Worksheet for All-Bisque
Dolls WSABD13; Doll Artisan Vol. 20, No. 1.
Head circ. 5 3/4" (14 1/2cm), Doll size 7 1/4" (18 1/2cm)
S468ST Edelweiss mold set (3 molds). Wt. 9lbs.
Also available separately:
WSABD13 Worksheet.
CP944 Edelweiss dress

All-Bisque Doll, EDELWEISS

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