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Teen: Katarina Sculpted by Angela Ferrow

Doll Height: 27", (66cm)

Mouth: Closed

Ears pirced: 

Head Circum:12 in (30cm),

Wig 12-13

Eyes: 20-22mm

Eye Style: PW


Parts Used: M4002 Katarina Head, MS4002 shoulder plate, A4002 3/4 Arm, L4002 - 3/4" Lower Leg


Available Separately Patterns Available:

Patterns: PS04 Soft bodyP008 DressPO10 Gypsy CostumeReferences:

Worksheet, for Modern Dolls WSMD26;DollPro April/May/June 1996.


M4002 Katarina Head Mold, Wt. 13lbs MALS4002 Arms, legs and shoulder plate mold set (5 molds).Wt. 70lbs. (A4002 3/4 Arm Mold,L4002 - 3/4" Lower Leg Mold.)

Cloth Body For Katarina, Made by Jane Sorensen


See information regarding timeframes when out of stock.
  • Addl slip color choices, of limited availability, can be purchased for an addl fee $10; Aztec Tan, French Chocolate or Brown Velvet. Choose addl color in “Add a Note” box on cart page and an invoice will be sent to you.

    Eye cutting/Sizing:$20; Eyehole Starter:$2; Mouth opening only:$10; Mouth opening with teeth/tongue:$20; Pierced ears:$5; Glazed parts:$15. These extras can be added when ordering soft fired greenware, bisque or painted dolls.

    When ordering these use the "Add a Note" box on cart page to order these items and an invoice will be sent to you for these costs.

  • SFGW 3-6 weeks minimum from date of payment.  Porcelain is fired to cone 6. NOTE: Seams are NOT removed before soft firing.

    Bisque parts is minimum 4-8 weeks from date of payment.

    Painted requires minimum 6-12 weeks to complete from date of payment. Not assembled only painted.

    All dolls by modern artists and dolls of color are poured in French Bisque. Antique dolls are poured in Lady White. NOTE: Dolls are poured with parts as pictured.

    Customer is responsible for any shipping, handling & insurance. Any breakage that occurs during shipping must be reported via email the day you receive the package along with a photo of the packaging and damaged item for insurance purposes.

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