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Artist Dolls: RuBert: Fairy, Rainy

Doll Name: Rainy
Sculpted by: Donna RuBert
Doll Height: 16", (40.64cm)
Marking:  Rainy
Mouth: Closed
Teeth: none
Ears pierced: Optional
Head Circum: in
Head: Socket
Wig Size: 10-11in 
Pate Size: "
Eyes: 12mm or painted
Eyelashes: Lashes or Painted
Neck Button Size: mm
Shoe Style: 
Shoe Size:
Body Type: Cloth
Pattern Body: BP758-16
Pattern Outfit: 110-758-Rainy16
Worksheet: Available
Porcelain Body parts: Rainy Head, 158B-Cricket Shoulder Plate.158C-Pixi Lower Arm, 158D-Pixi Lower Legs
Poured in French Bisque or choose other color for ethnic
Used Molds: 
Item ID: 758-Rainy-16-LocS




ARTIST DOLLS: RuBert, Complete Set: Rainy (Fairy) 16"(40.64cm)

See information regarding timeframes when out of stock.
  • Addl slip color choices, of limited availability, can be purchased for an addl fee $10; Aztec Tan, French Chocolate or Brown Velvet. Choose addl color in “Add a Note” box on cart page and an invoice will be sent to you.

    Eye cutting/Sizing:$20; Eyehole Starter:$2; Mouth opening only:$10; Mouth opening with teeth/tongue:$20; Pierced ears:$5; Glazed parts:$15. These extras can be added when ordering soft fired greenware, bisque or painted dolls.

    When ordering these use the "Add a Note" box on cart page to order these items and an invoice will be sent to you for these costs.

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