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Our Story

Our Story

  • My husband and I started in our home teaching and making ceramics in 1967 as LL Ceramics.

  • 1976, we moved to Mukwonago and continued to work from home, teaching & making porcelain dolls.  We also sold doll supplies and dolls at doll shows around the country.  

  • 1980 we opened a storefront called Dolls & Etc in Delavan, Wisconsin.  

  • 1992, we added a full online business and storefront in Mukwonago, Wisconsin.  We are currently located in Mukwonago which is about 30 miles from Milwaukee.  We have classes in all types of porcelain work such as dolls, ornaments, figurines and other gift items.

  • 2021, we added a division to our business called Etcetera with ceramic greenware, bisque, classes and supplies.

Elizabeth, the owner of Dolls & Etc  and is certified in porcelain doll making.  She provides the highest quality service in porcelain and ceramic work. 

You will find everything from molds, porcelain and ceramic slip, porcelain and ceramic greenware and bisque, china paints, and tools. We also have over 10,000 plus molds of dolls, figurines and gifts. We carry a large assortment of doll accessories which includes wigs, shoes, hosiery, clothing, bodies and patterns. We are currently only open by appointment. Call 262-363-4302 for doll related appointment or 262-470-6828 for ceramic related appointment.



Class Information 

Dolls & Etc will show you how to make a porcelain doll and make available all the necessary supplies. Porcelain doll making is an art and the journey from greenware to finished doll is an experience unique in the craft world. We use dust free cleaning methods and water base media china paints to eliminate possible health concerns. You are invited to join us in the challenging but relaxing and fun hobby of porcelain doll and gift making. Your doll or gift will become tomorrow's heirloom.

Class Hours

Wednesday Morning

9:30am - 12:00pm

Wednesday Afternoon

12:30pm - 3:00pm

Saturday Morning

9:30am - 12:00pm

Saturday Afternoon

12:30pm - 3:00pm


$10 per session

  • Attend six consecutive sessions and the sixth session is free.

  • Bisque firing is 1/2 of the  greenware price.

  • China Paint firing is 1/2 of the bisque firing price. 

  • Two weeks prior to first class please purchase soft fired greenware of the doll you will be making from the website.


Supplies needed

  • Small bath towel to keep work area clean​

  • Elongated tub - to soak items, and to leave items to storage​

  • Red Pencil - to mark

  • Nylon Stocking - for cleaning items

  • *Ceramic cleaning tool

  • *Stylus - for detail

  • *Stain Brushes - cleaning detail​ *Items can be purchased at class.


  • No soliciting

  • No children or extra persons

  • Student shelves are cleared after 30 days of non-use

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