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ALL-BISQUE DOLLS: Reproduction of a vintage doll. Pictured vintage doll and some information: 

Belladonna S473ST Extremely rare, beautiful all-bisque French doll. Finely sculpted features, like those of a fashion doll, and unusual detail make her uncommon. Note the cupped hands. Unmarked.

Reference: Worksheet for All Bisque Dolls WSABDI7; Doll Artisan, Vol. 20, No.3.

Head eire. 4 3/4" (12cm),

Eyes 6mm, Doll size 7" (18cm)

S473ST Belladonnao mold set (4 molds) Wt. Bibs.

Patterns: CP945 Dress, hat, chemise

ALL-BISQUE DOLLS: Belladonna 7" (18cm)