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ARTIST DOLLS: RuBert: Chari 23” (58.42cm); LocS

Doll Name: Chari

Sculpted: RuBert

Doll Height: 23" (60.96cm)
Marking: Chari
Mouth: closed
Ears pierced: Optional
Head Circum:  7.5in (cm)
Wig Size: 7-8in
Pate Size: 2 in
Eyes: 10mm
Eyelashes: Yes or painted
Neck Button Size: mm
Shoe Style: 
Shoe Size: mm
Body Type: Cloth insert into porcelain
Pattern Body: BP58-23
Pattern Outfit: 758-Chari
Worksheet: Not at this time
Porcelain Body parts used: Socket Head, Torso, arms and legs
Poured in French Bisque 
Used Molds: head $
Item ID: 758-Chari-23in_LocS


ARTIST DOLLS: RuBert, Complete Set: Chari 23” (58.42cm)