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German Dolls

Antique or Vintage Doll Manufactured by
Seeley, New York Doll Product

NOTE: Estimated time for SFGW is 3-4 weeks minimum from date of payment. Estimated time for bisque parts is minimum 4-6 weeks from date of payment.
Painted stage requires minimum 6-8 weeks to complete from date of payment.

All dolls by modern artists and dolls of color are poured in French Bisque.  Antique dolls are poured in Lady White porcelain. Additional color choices, of limited availability,
can be for an additional fee; Aztec Tan, French Chocolate and Brown Velvet.

Kestner JDK Doll Marks and Mold Numbers


Kestner over their long history of doll making, used many different doll markings; before 1892 a two digit size number or letter only, after 1892 a three digit mold number only, initials of JDK, K # C, K & Co, Kestner, Made in Germany, a label with a symbol of a crown with JDK or JD Kestner on the crown rim or on ribbons trailing beneath, Excelsior was Kestner’s trade name for dolls distributed in the USA or any combination of these markings. Kestner doll heads have a plaster like pate without pierced ears. Kestner doll & history page.

Kestner JDK Alphabet Series Shoulder or Socket Head Doll Marks

These Kestner bisque head dolls are marked with an alphabet number, Made in Germany, size number, with / without a mold.

Kestner doll mark a Made in Germany 4, doll mark A Germany 5, doll mark b Germany 3, doll mark B made in Germany 6, doll mark C Made in Germany 7, doll mark D Made in Germany 8, doll mark D 1/2 Made in Germany 8 1/2, doll mark E Made in Germany 9, doll mark F Made in Germany 10, doll mark G Germany 11, doll mark H Made in Germany 12, doll mark I Made in Germany 13, doll mark K Made in Germany 14, doll mark L Made in Germany 15, doll mark M Made in Germany 16, doll mark N Made in Germany 17, doll mark O Made in Germany 18, doll mark P Made in Germany 19, doll mark Q Made in Germany 20.

 Kestner JDK Doll Marks & Molds • Doll Reference

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