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Doll Wigs

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How to Measure

With a flexible fabric or vinyl measuring tape,in inches, wrap the tape measure around the doll's head just behind the ears and across the forehead. Measurement should be in inches.

Most wigs have a stretch cap which makes it easier to place the wig on the head.

Do not measure over an old wig. Remove the old wig first and then measure. 

These modacrylic wigs are good quality .  Modacrylic fiber is manageable and easy to style.  The style can be changed by using a dab of shampoo with cold water and a quality conditioner in the cold water rinse. Then reset with regular curlers or perm rods.  The fiber is heat resistant up to 200 Fahrenheit. It can be air dried and carefully styled with electric "hot rollers" or curling iron. The wig will return to its original style if washed, combed out and allowed to air dry. The hair may also be cut like human hair 


The wigs come in four categories: Human, Modacrylic, Mohair, Synthetic Mohair Wigs.

No returns or refunds on wigs.

All prices subject to change. Wigs may be limited in quantities and discontinued without notice. 
*HOW TO MEASURE FOR A WIG  Note: Please refer to instructions and illustration before measuring.

Items will be added as the website is updated

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