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Doll Bodies 

Composition Bodies, Leatherette Bodies and Ready Made Cloth Doll Bodies

The word "composition" is a term for the material used in antique doll bodies. This is now made in an unbreakable material to resemble the antique dolls.  Seeleys, NYDP, was able to develop a composition body that is truly unbreakable. 

Vintage New for 12-26inch Antique Bisque Doll

Bodies Kit Ready Stuff. 

Cloth Doll Bodies: Handmade Sewn Cloth  

Ready to stuff handmade cloth bodies for Antique and Artist Doll, babies, Toddlers, and adult,

we make the large range of bodies that will fits perfect on your creation,

made with high quality fabric

Items will be added as the website is updated

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