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18.5" LADY COMPO BODYSTRUNG.Lady bodies (LB) are slim-waisted bodies for lady and fashion dolls, has jointed elbows, shoulders, knees, and hips and jointed wrists. fits there dolls, JASMINE II (S828) (Alternate:MB190S)SCHMITT LILY (S156) (Alternates:FB16JWS, FB17S)F.G. YVONNE (S127)DISCONTINUED (Alternates: FB16S,FB16JS)KATHRYN (OED3013) (Alternate:GB18S)APRIL THE FLIRT (OED 3014)DISCONTINUED (Alternate: GB18S)LARGE QUEEN LOUISE (OED3021)DISCONTINUED (Alternate: GB18S)JENNIE (S819) (Alternates: MB190S,FB17S)DAGMAR (S843) DISCONTINUED

Composition Doll Bodies: Lady

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