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Reproduction of an antique doll. Pictured antique doll and some information: HeBee or SheBee unique character designed by Charles Twelvetrees, circa 1920, made in Germany. . Approximately 5” (14 cm.) One-piece bisque head and torso, with over-sized head tucked into chin, cap on head, plump cheeks, painted large blue googly eyes, button-shaped nose, inverted V-shaped mouth, painted white chemise, loop-jointed arms, legs inset into tunic, sculpted blue or pink slippers.  designed by Charles Twelvetrees, circa 1920, made in Germany. Pictured is the antique.

ALL-BISQUE DOLLS: HeBee or SheBee 5” (14 cm.)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • SFGW 3-6 weeks minimum from date of payment. Bisque parts are ready to paint after minimal sanding and polishing. Porcelain is fired to cone 6. NOTE: Seams are NOT removed before soft firing.

    Bisque parts shipping is minimum 4-8 weeks from date of payment.

    Painted stage requires minimum 6-12 weeks to complete from date of payment. Not assembled only painted.

    All dolls by modern artists and dolls of color are poured in French Bisque. Antique dolls are poured in Lady White porcelain. Additional color choices, of limited availability, can be purchased for an additional fee; Aztec Tan, French Chocolate and Brown Velvet. NOTE: Dolls are poured with parts as pictured. Additional costs for eye cutting and sizing, mouth and teeth, pierced ears. Choose these when ordering soft fired greenware, bisque or painted orders.

    Customer is responsible for any shipping, handling & insurance. Any breakage that occurs during shipping must be reported via email the day you receive the package along with a photo of the packaging and damaged item for insurance purposes.

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